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Our answer to Instagram’s new ToS – Tweet Pics

As you may well be aware, Instagram changed their terms of service yesterday giving them the right to sell your images for ads. wrote a post on how to download your photos and delete your account. As you’re exploring your options, I thought this would be a great time to introduce Tweet Pics. Tweet Pics is a little app that Andrew and I launched this week that gives you a Timeline similar to Instagram of all the pictures in your Twitter timeline. Even better, you can do even more with these photos than you could with Instagram. You can view fullscreen, download images, retweet pics of you or pics you like, and save favorites.

Your Twitter profile looks much more like your instagram profile, showing all the pics you’ve posted through the variety of image services out there. It doesn’t matter if you tweeted an instagram pic, TwitPic, yFrog, or Twitter image! We’ll make a full launch page soon, but you can find out more in the app description.

Tweet Pics Timeline

Fullscreen Viewing

Profile View

Powerful Searching