Watch Football Scores Live on Your iPhone

Pigskin Live iPhone Touchdown ScreenshotSince the release of Pill Prompter, we’ve been trying to brainstorm new ideas and find areas where the iOS app market is lacking. One of our ideas – that came rather quickly – was for American Football fans to be able to keep up with all the NFL games going on at once. So we came up with “Pigskin Live” which updates every 10 seconds, anytime a game is going on.

So if you’re stuck in the supermarket on a Sunday afternoon, or working late on a Monday night, you can just slide open your iPhone and watch the clock, watch the scores, keep up with multiple games at once, see big scoring events like Touchdowns and Field Goals, and also see interceptions and game times. You can flip through each game going on like you can with Apple’s weather app and see the results for games that already ended or start later as well.

Even if you’re stuck on Edge, this little gem should update with no problem. We’ve made sure that the data load is light, but be sure to watch your data usage if you’re not on wifi. Just like Pill Prompter, we made sure this will work for iPods as well, but due to some limitations it’s iOS 4.0 and above only.

We submitted “Pigskin Live” to Apple for review just a few days ago, so we’re hoping it’ll be ready by gametime the weekend of the 16th.

Update 10/15: It’s out! Grab a copy in the App Store.

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